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  • Sat:  09:00am - 01:00pm (Sales)
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Hi! My name is Marley, and I can’t wait to greet you on your next visit !!

We have instituted the following protocols.
  • We are still here but we have limited the number of people allowed into the store to 3 persons.
  • Upon coming in the front door, stop, either ring the bell or announce yourself/s and we will acknowledge your position.
  • We ask you to observe safe distancing while with a salesman or in the store. Wearing a mask is optional at this point but be advised if safe distancing can not be maintained. 
  • If you have purchased a trailer and are waiting to take delivery, we will reach out and work with you to schedule a date. Upon attending our store for the training please bring a mask. Gloves are not necessary but it is your option to wear them or not.
We understand that these protocols make daily life more difficult but if it keeps one more person from getting sick then it is worth it.
  • If you wish to view a trailer please call (519) 443-0291, ask for Ralph, make and appointment and we will gladly work with you. Walk ins are acceptable but appointments are preferred.  Again, we ask that you should not attend if you have any symptoms or have been out of country and have not observed self isolation recommendations etc. Do NOT take it the wrong way when we do our own screening. It is for your AND my staff's benefit.
  • We are trying to make sure that we are here for you and at the same time minimize everyone's exposure to this virus. I thank you in advance.


With every BRAND NEW trailer purchase you will receive ...

  • Full propane tank/s,
  • A new 12v battery,
  • Spare tire cover and a $75 store coupon!
  • Also included is a full training demonstration of the unit normally lasting 1.5 hours or more!

You will NEVER be charged for Freight or PDI

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