CLASS A Chages Afoot Posted on Jun 11, 2011

To all those that have been afraid to haul that trailer or fifth wheel that is on the larger side, the day has finally arrived that you will no longer require a class A restricted licence.  Currently, the MTO has had the restriction on your Class G licence that if you were to tow a trailer that weighed more than 4600KG at the axles ,as attached to the truck, then you would require a Class A Restricted licence.  Also note that on the back of your licence it ALSO says that the combination of the tow vehicle AND the trailer can be no more than 11000KG.  The change that has now been approved by the Ontario MTO is similar to what the US DOT use.  That is, that the stipulation for the trailer weighing more than 4600KG (10,143lb.) will be gone.  You will use the combination limitation of the 11000KG (24,244lb.) ONLY.  


Example:  3/4 ton truck weighs in at 7800lb. Thus the loaded trailer weight can now be 16,400lb!!! Much heavier than the 10,120lb. of previous.  Note that if your truck weighs more than this in the case of a 1 ton truck, the trailer has to weigh less.


The only other requirement will be that the customer will have to completer a competency  test at the DEALER prior to leaving the dealership.  Please take a minute to read the press release below.


To All ORVDA (Ontario Recreational Vehicle Dealers Assoc.)Members,

"ORVDA secures approval of MTO Regulatory change for large RVs"

I am pleased to announce that after more than 5 years the MTO has approved the ORVDA recommendation for a regulatory change to weights and licencing of larger RVs in Ontario.

The regulation O.Reg 340/94 must now be posted on the Government of Ontario regulatory Registry for 30 days.

Please take the time to post your positive comments on the registry as this will enhance the overall acceptance.

Now dealers who sell or wish to sell RVs over the 4600kg (10143 lb) axle weight can utilize the combined tow vehicle weight of 11,000kg (24,244 lb) which in most cases will allow your customer to tow fifth wheels up to 6500kg (14326 lb) ,or more, gross vehicle weight with a "G" licence.

the implementation date has not yet been set, however we are anticipating July 2011.

Dealers wishing to sell within this product category must provide
1) A checklist/test for consumers
2) A test drive verification by the consumer
3) Submit all paperwork to ORVDA

NOTE: This will apply to any customer who has previously purchased or owns an RV within this product category.

Will produce a recognition wallet card that will be forwarded to your customer.

Will be available June 1, 2011...Order yours today!

Please post your comments and help ORVDA in this and all future regulatory endeavors.

The MTO registry link is ,scroll down to "current regulatory proposals" and click to view the posting.

Again, This is great news for all ORVDA members and their customers

Wind!!! Posted on Apr 28, 2011

This is the worst wind that I can remember!!  In the 8 years that we have owned the business, today, April 28th 2011 we had wind that if we weren't on the ball would have lost all of our tent trailers!  Fortunately, we were able to get our Hard tops in the service bay and packed up with quick work from our staff.  Thanks to all for your efforts!  Needless to say there has been plenty of damage to the surrounding countryside and parks.  We will be here to help if you have experienced any damage to your trailer.  Call Len in service to book an appointment ASAP!    

OPEN HOUSE Posted on Mar 21, 2011

Tis the time of year again when we open our doors to you our supporting public and offer up some fantastic deals.  Being held this year during the weekend of April 15th (9am-7pm),16th (9am-4pm) and 17th (11am-4pm) we have backed it up from our usual weekend as Easter arrives late this year.  As usual we will have factory reps on hand to support their product and answer any questions that you might have.  For any of you that have attended one of our RV shows recently, you will have noticed great pricing and great product.  We are extremely proud and excited of what we have to offer this year. Please be sure to get in early so that you get first pick!  Units are moving quickly now.



SHOWS Posted on Feb 3, 2011

Hello again to all.  The following is a list of upcoming shows to get you out and about.  We have one of the best line ups of new and used product here at the lot that I can remember.  We will take a sampling of the new product to these shows.  For the used units, please see Ralph or myself (Peter) for your own personal tour and quotation.


February 11,12,13 Friday(4:00pm-9:00pm),Sat(10:00am-5:00pm),Sun(11:00am-4:00pm)

Simcoe, Ontario at the Aud complex on the Norfolk County fairgrounds.  For directions please email or for those that wish to mapquest or GPS use the following address: 172 South Dr., Simcoe, ON. N3Y 1G6.  Note: this is our premier show where we have the most product displayed and great pricing. Admission is just $2.00 and parking is FREE. 


February 18,19,20,21 Friday(10:00am-9:00pm),Sat(10:00am-9:00pm),Sun(10:00am-5:00pm),Mon(10:00am-5:00pm)

London, Ontario at the Fairgrounds.  We will have upwards of 20 units at this show from manufacturers such as Rockwood, Salem and Heartland (MPG). This is the first year that we will be part of this show and are extremely excited about showcasing our company and our products at this great venue.  


If you are in the hunt for a new or used RV please take the time to check our products and our people either at one of these shows or at the lot for a more personal touch.  You will not be disappointed.  







Christmas Hours Posted on Nov 30, 2010

We will be closed from December 23rd through January 4th inclusive.  Our parts/accessory and service departments will be on LIMITED hours for the week of January 4th so pleas call ahead.



Product Line Up Posted on Nov 30, 2010

Well, it's that time of year when everything starts to slow down here at the dealership other than the service part that is!  We don't seem to have enough time to complete everything that we want to do.  On the sales front we have NEVER had this good of a selection of product, especially NEW units that I can remember!  We have picked up a slew of new Salem travel trailers, fifth wheels and Park trailers.  Rockwood has never been better!  You will have to get in to see the upgrades they have made.  Rockwood has also gotten into the "A" Liner type of camper trailer that will blow your socks off!  On the light weight product front we have added the MPG from Heartland RV.  These 18' travel trailers, many boasting slide outs, are ALL under 3000lb!  If you are looking for a light weight product you HAVE to check these units out!  In fact, thinking about our lightweight product line up, I can't thing when our selection has been better.  Starting with the MPG's under 3000lb then the Fun Finder product in conjunction with their Viewfinder product then the Rockwoods and now the new Salem Hemisphere LIGHT units.  If you are in the market for a truly well built product that is lightweight you have to check out our line up.  For our fifth wheel line up we still have Cardinal and Big Country.  Both compliment each other and offer luxury at an affordable price.  Again, our toy hauler line up is second to no one.  Having the Track and Trail tow trailers, the Enduramax Sport travel trailers and fifth wheels, the Enduramax fifth wheels, and the Cyclone travel trailer and fifth wheels all of which are in stock you don't have to look anywhere else.  We have appreciate the business of this past year.  The economy has been picking up steam and so have we.  We have a phenomenal team here at the dealership to look after your needs so give us a try if you haven't been in before.  For our returning customers, Thank  You.  Hope to see you soon again.







Propane Udate Posted on Nov 30, 2010

Good day everyone. An update on the propane fiasco.  Thankfully the Ontario government has backed off on it's nearsighted policies that would have seen most of the local small propane refill stations closed.  The government has now realized due to the outcry from business's such as our and other including private individuals that they could not with proceed with the legislation in it's current writ.  They are now proposing a set of regulations and guidelines that had been much earlier put forth by the OPA (ontario propane association).  Nothing is written in stone yet but it looks promising!



Another Government Blunder!! Posted on Sep 8, 2010

Well, in the Ontario governments latest brainstorming session they have now set their sights on the supply of propane and making it almost impossible for the average consumer or business to purchase it.  In a release that I just received from the Ontario Propane Association, the Ontario Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association and Camping in Ontario the latest bill Ontario Regulation 440/08 due to come into effect January 01 2011 will see the many distribution centres that dot the Province require the services of a Professional Engineer to the tune of $25,000 per site to develop what they term a Risk and Safety Management Plan.  This plan would take up to three months to prepare, again, by site.  What this will mean to the average consumer is that we will no longer be able to get our BBQ or RV tanks filled at the local refueling station as many can not afford these initial and ongoing costs.  The larger centres where propane might still be available will see prices escalate, some even speculating above $50 per 20lb tank just to fill making camping, one of the best past times, that much more expensive, possibly forcing some to stop camping.  A lot of families and retirees alike are on strict budgets.   If Ontario Regulation 440/08 is implemented as written, it is surmised that 90% of Ontario's propane refill installations will close.  We, as a company, normally supply our new trailers with full propane tanks but will no longer have access to an economical supply as well as the average consumer will be out in the cold, literally.


So what can be done??  Please, if you don't know who your local MPP is, call me.  I will give you their name and address and telephone number.  Please contact them and let them know that this regulation HAS to be modified so that we consumers and business's alike have access to an economical supply of propane.  We all understand that Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to any fuel.  Hopefully cooler heads can prevail and we can come up with a SAFE and ECONOMICAL solution otherwise OUR lively-hood and your past time is in jeopardy.




Peter Hotz, CET

President/Adventure RV Centre

HOLE IN ONE CONTEST Posted on Sep 8, 2010

We at Adventure RV Centre wish to thank all participants of our recent "Hole in One" contest held at Woodside Greens golf course on Monday September 6th.  The weather may not have been great but the spirits were high as 20 contestants vied for $25,000 in prize money to be used towards the purchase of an RV from Adventure RV Centre.  Closest to the pin was David Bridge of Simcoe Ontario.  For that he won a cool $500 from Woodside Greens.  We wish to thank CD 98.9 for assisting in the successful event.  We could not of course, no pun intended, done this without Woodside Greens and their generosity.   A Huge thank you to Grant and his staff.  Anyone that is a golfer or like me pretends should check out the golf course.  We look forwards to running this event again next year!!  Please stay tuned. 

Tech Tips Posted on Jul 21, 2010

Please make sure to check out our "Tech Tips" on the service page of our website.  Peter has been contracted to do 12 articles for a local paper. The first 4 on electrical truths and myths, the others to be determined.  What inspired these tips was the "walk through" that Peter gives all of our customers when they purchase a new OR used trailer.  He spends approximately 1.5-4 hours with his clients , depending upon their knowledge and product complexity, with them to ensure they are educated on their purchase.  Gone are the days when the customer would be given a handshake, the keys and a brief tutorial on the trailer and sent down the road at Adventure RV Centre.  Peter feels strongly that education is key to customer satisfaction.  Peter is enthusiastic about his walk throughs as he is very technical person who enjoys sharing his knowledge.  He holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology and is a Certified Engineering Technician.  He also holds his RV-1 propane certificate.  Please feel free to email peter on any of the articles or to seek advice or to submit your own article to our website.  



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