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Hi! My name is Marley, and I can’t wait to greet you on your next visit !!

Fall 2020

Posted on Nov 11, 2020

Good day to all of our extended camping family.
This news article is a long time coming. It has been and continues be to a really challenging year. In the spring after two successful shows, Hamilton and London, we weren't sure if COVID was going to shutter our doors and then when parks started opening back up we didn't know how we were going to keep up. I feel for those of you that have been sickened, lost a loved one or perhaps are still out of work due to this virus. Rest assured that WHEN you get back up and going we will be here to help get you out and enjoying camping again. Heaven know we all need something to look forward to.
As to COVID. We as well as pretty well every other business have protocols in place. Please refer to the COVID tab on the main page for details.
Not much has changed here personnel wise with the exception that we found a new Service Manager. His name is Andy. Dezi took ill last year and due to his illness had to leave us. I took over for the interim until Andy came on board and that was a good thing. It gave me a chance to have my boots on the ground and be in the trenches working with my parts/warranty and tech personnel. With a few tweaks to procedures etc. we now are a well oiled machine. Don't get me wrong, there is always room for improvement. We value feedback either positive or negative. I hope positive but am realistic in that with the volume we put through sometimes something falls through the cracks. Please reach out if you have ANY concerns.  We will always try to be fair.
As far as product lines we still carry the full line of Rockwood, Puma and Wolfpack toy haulers. Our current inventory is low but we have numerous units on order to replenish our stock and we have even ordered up a new line of fiberglass trailers from Surveyor which we feel will compliment our line up. Exciting!
With all shows being cancelled for 2021 we are taking a bit longer time down this year. Normally we shut down for 2 weeks but will now shut down for 3 weeks. Shut down will run from Dec 19 2020 until January 102021 inclusive. Please check our Google page for up to date hours of operation. There is in works for Feb 5-7 a virtual RV show. Stay tuned for that. 
As we go into the winter we think of the spring ahead and plan for better times. This year has been a handful and we appreciate your patronage. We look forward to seeing all of our long time customer and all those new campers out there. 
Take care

New Website

Posted on Jan 14, 2019

Great news! not far off we will be rolling out our new website.  It has been awhile so it is need of a freshening up!  Fist and foremost we want to keep our site simple and easy to use.  Soooooo,,, If you find something that you cant find or is difficult to work with please let us know.

Happy New Year

Posted on Jan 14, 2019

Well, 2018 is past and now 2019 lies ahead.  With the mild winter "SO FAR", our hearts and minds lead us to the next camping season.  With two(2)shows again this year.  The first being at the Warplane Heritage Museum in Stoney Creek.  The Hamilton RV EXPO! Bigger and better than ever. Again this year we will be displaying a huge selection of trailers from Rockwood ( minis, travel trailers, and fifth wheels), Puma (travel trailers, fifth wheels, park models), Phoenix (fifth wheels) and NEW for this year, WOLF PACK (toy haulers). We will also be stocking the store at the show with all of your camping needs heavily discounted to get you into the mood EARLY! Make sure to give us a call if you are thinking of attending.  There MAY BE some free show tickets, hint hint. Ask for Ralph.  Limited supply. Of course our lot is brimming with new inventory and the best selection is here right now BEFORE the show.  Your choice.  We will be happy to see you whenever you decide to visit.  Marley will be happy as well!  see you'all soon!




Posted on Jan 10, 2017

Good morning fellow campers! Just  quick note to let you know about our upcoming shows. 


Hamilton Show



The first is this coming weekend in Hamilton (Mount Hope) at the Warplane Heritage Museum.  Starts Friday at Noon and runs till Sunday at 5. Be sure and check out their website for tickets and info at :





Here we will have over 10,000 square feet of trailers on display from Rockwood, Puma, Puma XLE, Real Lite and Pheonix PLUS a huge parts display.   Make sure to check out the parts "giveaway" promotion.  Several lucky people will walk away with hundreds of dollars in prizes!  This is the FIRST show of the season and will set the bar very high for the rest. Our pens will be sharp to get you the best deals of the season. 


London Show


The next show that we will be attending will the London RV show and Sale at the Agriplex complex adjacent to the London Fairgrounds.  This runs from Friday February 17 through to and including Family Day on the 20th. Check it out at :






Again, we will have over 10,000 square feet of floor space to show off our inventory again from Rockwood, Puma, Puma XLE, Real lite and Pheonix.  Make sure to locate us in the "ARENA" section of the Agriplex.  Check on your maps for the layout.  We have had people miss us as the building is split up into two sections.  We are where you want to be!!  


If you can't make either of those shows then make SURE that you make a point to come out to our OPEN HOUSE in April on the dates 21,22 and 23.  Again, we will be featuring our now famous BEEF BBQ where we serve up delicious roasts of marinated beef on a home made bun.  This is just a small token to thanks our current customer and a welcome to those that have not had the pleasure of doing business with us.  There is a difference, it is the Adventure RV Difference.  


See you all very soon at one of these events or just stop by for a coffee and a chat.  






2016 Show Season

Posted on Jan 16, 2016

Good morning Campers.  Old man winter has been easy on us thus far making Spring seem to be just around the corner.  For those snow lovers out there, don't fret, I have it upon good advice he will be blasting us with winter in the near future even it is just for a bit.  Something to warm up our spirits though.  Show season is upon us!!  The time of year we get excited about as it means a new beginning.  The first show for us is the Hamilton RV Expo being held once again at the Canadian Warplane Heritage museum in Mount Hope from January 22-24 2016(see details on our Show Page for times and coupons).  Please do not confuse this with a lesser show that is running at the same time.  If you go to our Show page it will have the details and there are contests that you have to check out.  After last years show we here at Adventure RV Centre told the promoter that there needed to be a better parts display.  They agreed and we stepped up to the plate and will be providing the Accessory store.  To go along with this, the Promoter wanted to highlight this and has worked with us to provide $3000 in prizes to be awarded during the show in the form of gift certificates of varying denominations from $100 to $1000 dollars.  YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT!!! 


The Next show will be in London at the Newly renovated (as of last year) Agriplex complex on the Fairgrounds.  This is being held once again over the Family day weekend running from February12-15 2016 inclusive.  Be sure to mark this one on your calendar as well. 


At both shows we will be displaying many lines of Rockwood such as their Roo(hybrids), Mini-Lites, Ultra lites, Windjammers and their Signature Series trailers.  From Puma we will have their travel trailers, park models and their toy haulers.  Along with Puma we will be displaying the Puma XLE trailers that are a less expensive line of their trailers but still fully featured and the same construction. Definitely worth a look.  As well we will be displaying the Phoenix line of luxury fifth wheel trailers.  Also new for us this year is a line up of small light weight trailers from Palamino called Real Lite.  If you can only tow 3500 pounds then you have to check out these units.


In Review, the season has begun, even if Old Man Winter is here the weather is warm inside!! Come see us at one of these shows.  





Posted on May 26, 2015

Good afternoon fellow campers!!  We have been busy here at the dealership and in one of my training sessions it came to me that in the environment that we use our trailers there are any number of insects that also call the outdoors their home.  Quite and epiphany!!!  I don't know how many times we get service calls because an insect or a variety of insects has wrecked havoc on someone's appliance like a water heater, refrigerator, air conditioner etc.  You can't fault the little beasts for trying to find a nice home BUT the damage and grief they can cause is HUGE.  Over the years I have seen several water heaters catch on fire from propane blow back when the supply tube is blocked with a spider web.  Refrigerators that are supposed to automatically switch to gas don't when a spider blocks the orifice.  Air conditioners vibrate etc. when "mud dobber" hornets make a nest in the fan assembly.   We have a product at our disposal that we have been using for a couple of years now that is called Bug Tek by Aquatek.  I had written an article on it when we first introduced it so it worth repeating and giving you some practical applications.  Bug Tek is a derivative of a chemical used in hospitals and veterinary medicines.  It is Permethrin.  THIS derivative is not harmful to warm blooded animals including our pets and humans.  Once applied it lasts for several weeks if not months.  Any insect that walks over it will shortly thereafter expire even if the product has dried.  It is non staining and invisible.  My suggestion is to spray your water heater, refrigerator compartments and inside of your AC shroud.  Reapply every month for best results.  Any insects that attempt to enter these compartments will perish quickly leaving you to enjoy your trailer.  Use the product inside the trailer around door openings, inside storage cabinets so that if ants etc.  get in they too will perish.  Another great use is to spray our clothing when out walking in the woods to protect against ticks.  Ticks have been in the news as of late as more and more are being found to carry Lyme disease.  Please note that you still should perform a physical tick check at first chance and the use of Bug Tek does not relegate one from doing so.  It is just another line of defense.  Again, remember that this is NON toxic and safe for all warm blooded animals.  See Greg or Len at our service counter to get you spray bottle today. 

Happy, Bug FREE camping :)




Posted on May 2, 2015

 Well, camping season has begun.  May 1st is the day that almost every park opens it's doors to the public.  Of course, the May long weekend is not that far off to boot.  We are in full swing and are knee deep in trailers going out or getting serviced.  We ask your patience and understanding as we cram as much in while still doing the best job we can.  A lot of trailers have been sold but we still have a huge inventory of units at great prices.  Most new units purchased were at low exchange rates and replacement units can be thousands more.  So, if you are in the market for an upgrade, see Ralph to get in on the best deals of the season. 
If you are in the market for a good used trailer, hard top, travel trailer or fifth wheel we have an abundance of them.  We now have 11 good used hare tops to offer, 2 hybrids, 23 travel trailers and 18 fifth wheels to choose from.  Honestly, one of the best good used selection in all of Ontario !!!
In the parts department we have a new employee.  His name is Greg.  Greg comes to us with many years in the parts industry and is a welcome addition to the group.  Make sure to wish him well when you stop in for your parts or accessory needs and take a look at what we have for new camping goodies THIS year.
All the best for a new season.  2015 camping season awaits.  Get out and enjoy !!!

Wildcat is BACK!!!

Posted on Nov 11, 2014

As of November 2014 we are a Wildcat dealer !! Numerous upgrades to a superb trailer convinced us that we HAD to have this product on our lot.  A nice step up for our Rockwood fifth wheel customers, the Wildcats offer many features not found in similar mid level fifth wheels at a truly affordable price range.  Ranked as the number one selling mid level fifth wheel in North America, we now have several units in stock for viewing.  Touting that they are truly North American made they have gone to extreme lengths to source North American products/components vs. off shore.  Even the tires on their coaches are not made in China whereas most every other coach is.  Make sure to check them out on our inventory page and stop in for a personal viewing.  Ralph is eager to show them off.  Trades of course are welcome!!!


Posted on Feb 4, 2013


   SIMCOE SHOW 2013 click on this for the video

First of all, thank you to all who braved the snow and frigid temperatures to attend our 10th Annual Indoor show and sale at the Aud in Simcoe, Ontario.  Mother Nature did not give us the best chance to show our wares but we still enjoyed everyone's company that attended.  For those that couldn't or didn't attend, you missed some great deals on parts and accessories and trailers.  I have to say a BIG thank you to a couple of our suppliers.  Dave from Danzy and Peter and Ray from Aqua-Tek.  Dave put up a fantastic display of greatly reduced parts and accessories.  I don't know how he go so low on the prices but, good show Dave.  On that note, Dave has authorized us to maintain those sale prices for this week only.  So, if you are in the market, call Krissi at our parts desk and see if anything that you were looking for is here on sale.  At the end of this week, it all goes back to London!  

From Aqua-Tek, we had the pleasure of having Peter and Ray attend the show to show their entire line up of products.  Their products have been sold at our store now for over a year now.  You may recognize products like, Easy Clean, Bug-Tek, Fabric Guard, Super Enzo etc.  This is only a very small sampling of what they have to offer and almost 100% of their line up is environmentally friendly.  Please take a minute the next time you are in to review their product offerings and try some.  I will personally guarantee them and will offer 100% of your money back if you are not satisfied that they do what we say they will.  Ask us about the Bug-Tek and mention at the parts counter that you read this article and receive 10% off if you purchase a bottle.  If you have insects like ants, ear wigs, beatles, silverfish, spiders etc.  this will eliminate them and will not harm your pets nor humans.  You can actually drink this product but is deadly to insects and spiders.  It is unique in that it where ever you spray it, it dries and if an insect walks accross it, it will die soon afterwards.  Anywhere flies land, dead soon afterwards.  Give it a try.  You will swear by it.  

On the trailer front, we had a great display of new models from Rockwood and Puma on hand with some new STALE inventory that were there to sell.  For those units that did not sell at stupid prices see the "specials" sections on the inventory tab of our website. For those that took advantage of these deals, good for you and ENJOY!  We used to have auctions here to blow these kind of units out but frankly these prices are below what we would have sold them in the past.  I am tired of looking at some of these so get them quick before someone else does.

Well, on to following up from the show and getting ready for the London show, Feb 15,16,17 and 18th.  See the london show website for coupons.  






Tire Balancing

Posted on Jan 22, 2013

Well, I guess I have opened up a can of worms with respect to raising questions regarding tire balancing and axle alignment in a recent questionnaire email.  First off, let me be clear that if a trailer does not have it's wheels balanced it is not a "safety" concern.  If that were the case, commercial trailers like landscape trailers and ones that haul heavy equipment such as excavators etc. would require this to be done as part of their annual safety.  They do not.    It is a "good to do" thing vs. a "need to do".  There are many cars and trucks running down the road today that are out of alignment and have unbalanced tires and yet will pass a safety with ease.  I bring up the issue of tire balancing as I was asked to do this on a customer's trailer earlier this year.  He was the one that made me aware that trailer tires aren't balanced.  It was an eye opener for me as I had never thought of it.  As far as a "good to do" thing that can possibly improve fuel economy I am all for it.  There are a ton of things that manufacturers "should" do when a trailer is built and most of you who are owners can think of a few pretty easily.  Typically, none of them are safety concerns.  As a dealer, we try and work with the manufacture when things are brought to our attention.  Sometimes they listen and sometimes they don't.  As far as the balancing of rims/tires goes, don't expect them to be jumping on that any time soon.  Whether or not you as an RV owner have the wheels balanced on your rig is something that you will have to determine is worth it or not.  If we can help we will.  


As always



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